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Denon AVR-1913 7.1 Channel 3D Pass Through and Networking Home Theater AV Receiver with AirPlay

The AVR-1913 allows you to enjoy not only the powerful surround sound of the latest 3D videos in a 7.1-channel home theater but also a variety of advanced network functions such as listening to …

Consumer Reviews
  • “Overall, the sound is great and the setup is pretty easy.” – S. Cloney
  • “Need more that that and you can buy an HDMI Switcher, 3to1 Switch.” – buru buru piggu
  • “The Denon AVR-1913 is a great 7.1 channel receiver that serves as the anchor for your surround sound/home theater system.” – Mitch

Denon AVR-1613 5.1 Channel 3D Home Theater AV Receiver with Networking and Airplay

The AVR-1613 allows you to enjoy not only the dynamic surround sound of the latest 3D videos in a 5.1-channel home theater but offers a variety of advanced network capabilities as well. These …

  • “It sounds GREAT – very clean.” – JayInNH
  • “Love the extra features like Pandora, Sirius/XM, Apple Airplay, and internet radio.” – Chad E. Rousseau
  • “Setup is easy.” – Fatsnaps

Yamaha RX-V773WA 7.2-Channel Network AV Receiver with wireless adapter (Old Version)

Enjoy it all and more with the Yamaha RX-V773 7.2-Channel Network AV Receiver. Sophisticated zone options include 7.2 channel surround, front presence, Bi-Amp main speakers or independent Zone 2 …

Product Research
  • “In some cases you really must read the manual to figure out how things work because of the way some features are set up or buried in the menus.” – Coyote
  • “The receiver has a built-in Web server so you can use any computer on your network to control BASIC functions, like volume, source, and bookmark/playlist selection.” – J. P.
  • “Sound is very good.” – Ed Thorne

Denon AVR-3313CI Networking Home Theater Receiver with AirPlay and 3 Zone Capacity

With its vast array of inputs and network functions, the Denon AVR-3313CI 7.2-Channel Integrated Network A/V Receiver puts you in command. As the high-end model of the IN-Command Series, this receiver sets a new standard in 3D, Blu-ray, game console, and other entertainment device integration with seven HDMI inputs and three HDMI outputs.

Consumer Guide
  • “Very happy with the AVR3313, great sound and functions.” – deanweipa
  • “You must have great speakers for this receiver if you want the best possible sounds (thats a given).” – Aidan
  • “I love the airplay.” – Vivia E.Edwards

Pioneer VSX-823 5.1-Channel Network AV Receiver

The Pioneer VSX-823 5.1 channel AV receiver features AirPlay, HTC Connect, 4K Ultra HD pass through and MHL 2.0 Compatibility.

Buying Guides
  • “Easy hook-up and sounds great.” – Frank Hughes
  • “I owned a previous model (VSX-821, i believe) in this same series and loved it.” – John 117
  • “Very frustrating receiver.” – Jeff Jackson

Denon AVR-E400 7.1 Channel 4K and 3D Pass Through Networking Home Theater AV Receiver with AirPlay

Great Sound Made Easy – Connect to your home network and connect to the Internet to enjoy music streaming. The AVR-E400 is a powerful high-performance 7.

Consumer Guide
  • “The sound quality from this unit is fantastic.” – Doc Stew
  • “I think my girlfriend really appreciates this limitation!” – Michael O.
  • “Also, rather than screwing in the bare speaker wires, the connectors are spring-loaded, which makes life a little easier during setup.” – AverageGuyShopper

Denon AVR-X4000 7.2-Channel 4K Ultra HD Networking Home Theater AV Receiver with AirPlay

The AVR-X4000 A/V receiver is packed with Denon technologies that deliver superior sound and picture quality through 7.2 channels. It also provides a wealth of features for enjoying music or video programs, such as 4K Ultra HD upscaling, AirPlay for streaming music from an iTunes library, Spotify playback, internet radio broadcasts, playback of music stored on a networked PC or hard disk as well as HD audio music sources, and a multi-zone feature that lets other people enjoy music or video entertainment in a separate room while you enjoy your own programs in the main room.

Consumer Reviews
  • “Very clear detailed sound.” – R. Ballantyne
  • “Many, many features, good build quality and excellent sound.” – Matthieu Hausig
  • “The setup was easy and the sound calibration was a breeze.” – wolfgang

Marantz NR1604 Slim Line 7.1 Network Receiver with AirPlay

The Marantz NR1604 is a versatile 7-channel home theater receiver with network capabilities in a slim-line body that delivers spacious, realistic surround sound from a wide variety of sources.

Buyers Guide
  • “Ultimately, you are buying a premium A/V receiver for features and most importantly sound quality.” – TobycW
  • “One thing I really like about it is that control and menu layout is excellent and very easy to learn and get used to.” – J. White
  • “I am still exploring all of its functionality but I am just very satisfied and so glad I chose to buy the Marantz.” – R. Harrison

Harman Kardon AVR 1700 5.1-Channel Network-Connected Audio/Video Receiver with AirPlay
Harman Kardon

The Harman Kardon AVR 1700 has virtually everything that you want in an audio/video receiver. Do you want sheer power? The AVR 1700 has 100 watts per channel.

Consumer Reviews
  • “Pros: Excellent sound quality!!!” – Brian
  • “We tried to get it at our neighborhood Best Buy and it was always ‘out of stock’.” – Jody Singer Kulczycki
  • “This is a network enabled unit that works with Apple AirPlay.” – Doc Stew

Sony STR-DA1800ES 7.2 Channel Wi-Fi Receiver with AirPlay and Bluetooth

Sony’s STR-DA1800ES receiver delivers wireless streaming music from the Internet with built-in W-Fi, from iPhone/iPad, iTunes or compatible apps with AirPlay5, or from your smart phone or tablet with built-in Bluetooth9 – all through 7.

  • “It does sound pretty good (although the mid-range tones I can’t adjust don’t sound quite right).” – DM
  • “Set it up straight, or tune by ear.” – Alex K.
  • “Perfect match (PS3+STR-DA1800ES+WII+ISDBT HD+Satellite HD) Now we will replace the Olevia 52 LCD Tv with the new KDL-55W805A tv.” – Keko

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